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Dr Azillah Bt Mohd Ali

 (Special Grade C)


The Department of Paediatric Dentistry is one of the clinical departments in Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah (HSB). It is situated on Level 2 of the hospital, serving the Specialist Clinic, other wards in the hospital, all the health and dental clinic in the district of Kedah and also the state of Perlis. It also serves as the referral centre for the Northern Zone.


Working towards building the Department of Pediatric Dentistry (HSB) into a referral and practical centre which is excellently capable in providing basic and advanced treatment and management of patients from any age group of children.

• To provide customer – centred oral health service
• To ensure the service provided is at optimum quality, efficient and effective.
• Working towards achieving optimum oral health as an invaluable asset in life.
• To encourage positive oral habit as well as to ensure optimum quality and up to date technology in service provided.
• To implement positive ethical manners parallel to a precise and consistent workforce.
• Working towards increasing the quality of service in a professional manner enhanced by strong team work.

• To provide comprehensive dental treatment and oral healthcare to all the referred cases and render them orally –fit.
• To provide paediatric dental specialty services by executing all administrative works including treatment planning, fiduciary management and monitoring of all training personnels as well as updating knowledge and information for dental officers and auxiliary team.

Paediatric Dental Dept, HSB vows to be committed to provide an excellent service to all patients:
i. To ensure patients will be able to obtain the best services accordingly regardless of age, sex, gender and race or socioeconomic status;
ii. To serve patients with utmost kindness and consideration, sincerity and with honesty;
iii. To deliver precise, clear and concise information regarding the services provided;
iv. To provide a professionally-delivered service;
v. To accommodate patients with a clean and comfortable environment.

Paediatric Dentistry is a hospital –based dental specialist that is concerned with the overall management of the oral health care for infants and children below the age of 16 years, including those with special health care needs. The services  involve early diagnosis and provision of specialized care for complex oral diseases and conditions, including caries, periodontal diseases, disturbances in tooth development and tooth eruption, orofacial infections, oral pathology, oral hard tissue and soft tissue anomalies, and traumatic injuries in children.
The scope of Paediatric Dentistry (Paediatric Dental Surgery) care includes:
• Diagnosis and treatment planning
• Behaviour management technique
• General Dentistry
• Clinical prevention technique
• Restorative dentistry for children and adolescents and advanced restorative care in the primary and permanent dentitions
• Complicated or extensive dental treatment needs
• Comprehensive dental care of children with special needs
• Management of orofacial infections
• Treatment under conscious sedation
• Pulp therapy for deciduous and permanent dentitions
• Endodontics / root canal treatment
• Comprehensive dental treatment under general anaesthesia
• Oral rehabilitation for children with anxiety or behaviour problems • Minor oral surgery
• Multi-disciplinary management of oral diseases in medically compromised children
• Guidance of Developing Dentition
• Management of Dental and Orofacial Trauma
• Paediatric Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine
• Paediatric Oral Surgery
• Management of Dento –facial Anomalies.

New Services Provided
Transition Clinic: This clinic was established and went fully operative in 2008, every Monday on the second and fourth week. The patients treated are from 16 years old and above and also include patients with physical disabilities, mental subnormal, medically compromised and multiple disabilities.

The objectives of this clinic are:
- To ensure patients will achieve an optimized oral hygiene status
- To reduce patient mortality and morbidity rate
- To implement a positive outlook towards dental treatment in patients
- To reduce repeated comprehensive dental treatment under GA cases

Latest activities:
1. “Baby-friendly Dental Clinic” (0-3 years of age) every Thursday,
2. “Dental Trauma Clinic” and “Transition Clinic” every Wednesday
3. Toddlers program every 3 mths

1. Innovation: Technical Category – Baby Trolley – achieved First Place in the “Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Kedah” Quality Convention in 2006
2. Innovation: Administrative Category – Color Code System (2CS) – achieved First Place in “Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Kedah” Quality Convention in 2007
3. 1st Regional Nursing Conference Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah (JKN Level) in 2007 – achieved third place: “Prevalence of Dental Trauma in Paediatric Dental Department, Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah from 2000 – 2005” research, and consolation prize: “A reassessment of glass ionomer cement restoration after 5 years in special needs children at Paediatric Dental Dept, Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah.







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