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Dr. Nik Fatimah Salwati binti Nik Malek (Special Grade C )



Fulfill requirements and needs from inpatients as well as outpatients for the district of Kota Setar and the state of Kedah by:-

a)      Providing imaging service towards zero complaint.

b)     Provision of safe service which strictly adhered to patients’ privacy and confidentiality.



To provide the best service with accurate techniques, according to the latest apparatus concomitant with dedicated, innovative and experienced personnels.



a)         To provide diagnostic imaging service that fulfills the needs of treatment and medication.



a)      To accomplish general x-ray examinations for patients attended to this department within less than an hour upon registration. 

b)    To ensure the percentage of reject/repeat radiograph/images is less than 5%.



 Our commitment is to provide excellent, expedite and quality diagnostic imaging service by ensuring:-

- Waiting time for all general x-ray examinations is within 30 minutes.

- The reports of various types of examinations will be completed within the time period as mentioned below:






C.T Scan

Within 48 hours

(2 working days)

1 week






As soon as possible


Information on procedures will be explained to all patients prior to examination.

Note: Duration of time is subjected to current availability of specialists.



Diagnostic Imaging Department of Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah started providing services since 28th July 2007. This department provides clinical support services of diagnostic imaging including certain therapeutic procedures for inpatients, outpatients, day care as well as patients who were referred from the Department of Accident and Emergency. In addition, services have also been extended to patients who were referred from government hospitals as well as clinics. The roles have been expanded deliberately, according to availability of more modalities and sub-specialties. This enables earlier diagnosis and subsequently helps in planning patient management effectively.



This department provides continuous service for the duration of 24 hours.  For conventional x-ray examination and CT Scan, it will be accomplished based on partial shift system and followed by on-call (stay-in) after 9.00pm for weekdays while full shift (3 sessions) on weekends and public holidays. For contrast studies, Ultrasound and MRI , services provided after office hours will be undertaken on the basis of on-call (stay-out). Mammography will be performed during office hours on normal working days only.


Consultant Radiologists from this department will visit Hospital Langkawi according to schedule to perform Ultrasound procedures as well as reporting films. A-24 visits per year will be undertaken as planned.


This department also receives films for reporting from other hospitals and Health Clinic in the state of Kedah.


Equipment and Facilities are equipped to fulfill various procedures include:


There are 4 x-ray rooms. Facilities provided are all types of conventional x-ray. This department has evolved from the formal manual to digital system that encompasses computed radiography and digital radiography. All films are produced using Dry Laser Printer. Therefore, the use of films processor in dark room has been terminated. However, the machine is still maintained for contingency purposes.

OPG (Orthopantomography) for dental examinations is located at x-ray room 1.




There are 10 units of mobile machines specifically used for mobile services in the wards, Department of Accident and Emergency, Intensive Care Unit, Forensic Department, and Operation Theatre. There are 6 units of mobile C-Arm Fluoroscopy machines used in Operation Theatre and Coronary Care Unit.


 (Special Diagnostic Radiography Examinations (Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI, Fluoroscopy, IVU, Mammography, Angiography).


a)  Ultrasound – Three units of Ultrasound machines are available. Examination procedures shall encompass diagnostic cases as well as therapeutic procedures such as Ultrasound guided—Nephrostomy, FNAC, Biopsy and Drainage.  Ancillary service includes mobile Ultrasound.


b)   CT Scan - Siemens Emotion 6 (6 slices) machine is used. Its’ speeds enable this department to complete up to 30 cases per day. It has also been utilised for biopsy procedures (Lung and Bone Biopsy). Nonetheless, this machine has no capacity to perform coronary angiogram.


c)   MRI – The MRI machine used is Siemens Symphony 1.5 Tesla. 5 radiographers have been trained to operate this machine. In view of the slow average of time completion of 1 hour per patient, the appointment is limited to 8 cases per day. Examinations will be performed on daily basis, except on Monday as the session is allocated to Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim. Emergency cases will be prioritised. After office hours and during holidays, priority is given to spinal cord injury cases.


d)   Fluoroscopy – There are 2 Philips digital fluoroscopy machines. One is specifically allocated for ERCP cases and to be used by surgical as well as medical teams; whilst the other is for radiologists to accomplish fluoroscopy procedures.  


e)  Mammography – GE Senographe DMR Plus machine is used and it started operating in the month of June. The other mammography machine equipped is Hologic Lorad Selenia Full-Fill Digital Mammographic. Mammography service provided includes all types of conventional mammography examinations constituting computed radiography and Stereotactic Biopsy. There are 12 qualified radiographers to perform this specific task.


f)  Angiography – Philips Integris CV (mono plane) machine is used. Angiography service is postponed until an interventional angiography specialist is available in the department. Currently, the machine is utilized for other interventional case such as nephrostomy. Cardiac Angiography is managed by Consultant Cardiologist in Invasive Cardiac Laboratory collaborating with radiographers from this department. There are 6 trained radiographers operating this machine. They provide 24 hours service.


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