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Mr. Shabir bin Othman


Medical Social Service is among one of the clinical support services under the Allied Health Professional Division of the Ministry of Health. The Medical Social Work Department in this hospital has been in operation since 16.12.1991, providing social services to patients with the aim of enhancing their social functions as well as to assist them to cope with psycho-social and emotional problems that affect their health. The department manages cases like child abuse, unwed mother, rape victim, domestic violence, individual with disabilities, care of elderly, financial assistance and medical implants/appliances. It works in collaboration with other medical professional teams, thereby contributing to comprehensive patient care. This effort is in tandem with the definition of the World Health Organisation where health is not merely an absence of disease but it also encompasses physical, mental, and social wellbeing of individuals. The department is located adjacent to the Continuous Education Centre at level 1, Medical Support Block, Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah.


To be a centre for asic-social treatment, able to build on the strengths of patients so that they will be more confident towards their own capabilities, thus enable them to refunction in society.


To enhance the wellbeing of patients and assist them to restore their social function.


1. 85 % of referred inpatient will be attended within 3 working days
2. Letter/Reports required for further treatment at Treatment Centres outside hospital will be prepared

    within 3 working days before the appointment treatment date.
3. Letter/Reports for aids application to external funding agencies will be prepared within 7 working days

    upon receiving completed application.




To ensure psycho-social services are provided for patients in the treatment and rehabilitation process so as to derive maximum benefit from the medical treatment.
To assist in restoring patients’ social functions so that patients become productive, independent and able to return to the community with their limited abilities caused by their illness and afflicted injuries.


Provide information on the social services and facilities offered in the community.
Provide information about and referrals to community resources and agencies.
Social, psycho-social and economic assessment for a comprehensive understanding of patients’ problems.
Provide emotional and moral support to disabled patients caused by illness.
Assist patients in understanding their illness and treatment received.
Report to the medical team regarding the condition and social problems faced by patients.
Collaborate with medical team in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients.
Act as Liaison Officer between hospital and government and/or  non-governmental agencies.
Assist patients to identify their problems.
Utilise existing hospital resources and facilities as well as identify community resources to help patients.

Practical Assistance
o Financial
o Medical appliances/Prosthetis
o Socio-economic assessment
o Treatment cost
o Discharge planning
o Institutional placement at governmental or non-governmental institutions
o Networking with funding agencies and referrals

Supportive Therapy
o Negotiation
o Individual and family asicdic
o Advice/guidance
o Emotional support and motivation
o Crisis intervention
o Behaviour modification

Education & Teaching
o Talks associated with social problems to staff/IPTA/Community
o Practicum/Industry Training for 1st Degree and Master Programme University students

Research & Development
o Research on cases related to social problems and poverty Specific Task
o Hospital Volunteer Service
o Fund raising project such as Intraocular Lens (IOL) project to generate funds as a source of petty cash
o Participation in community projects of governmental and non-governmental asicdicons that are

   beneficial to the patients

Classification of Referred Case
o Child Abuse
o Rape Victim
o Abandoned case (baby/children/elderly)
o Domestic violence
o HIV/AIDS case
o Unwed mother
o Behavioural problem
o Poverty due to illness (eg. Malnutrition)
o Physical and Mental Disabilities
o Care of elderly individual
o Discharge problem/no family support
o Medical appliances/prosthetis
o Institutional placement



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