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En Khairul Nizam Bin Mat Nayan

Head of Dietetics and Food Service Department (Gred U54 KUP)



Dietetics and Food Service Department plays an important role in the management of patients in hospitals. This department provides services in patients nutritional care through the 'Medical Nutrition Therapy' which involves consultation and meal planning for patients requiring specialized treatment, and also providing food for all inpatients.

The Food Service operating time is from 6.00 am - 8.00 pm every day. Food is served to all patients in the ward for both normal and therapeutic diets. The system which applied is either centralized plating which is implemented in HSB or decentralized plating at HSBII.

The Dietetics unit provides ‘Medical Nutrition Therapy' service which is available every working day.For inpatients, the service is provided upon referral from the medical officers, whereas for outpatients, the service is carried out at the clinic by appointment or by walk-in.



Department of Dietetics and Food Service will mobilize resources to provide a robust service and quality of food in addition to expanding clinical dietetic services in an 
innovative and competitive by practicing good values ​​and teamwork.


Fully committed to strive to provide quality food, tasty and nutritious and meet nutrient requirements based on food hygiene and safety principles in line with the latest 
technological developments. Always committed to perform clinical dietetic services and health promotion with emphasis on research and development in the field of 
nutrition and dietetics towards quality and efficient services.


To ensure the food service and clinical dietetics and health promotion carried out in a professional, quality and customer-centric.


Dietetics Service

  1. To provide clinical dietetic services to patients in the hospital and HSBII.
  2. To conduct diet clinic for outpatients.
  3. To provide dietary counselling for cardiac rehabilitation program, stroke ward round, wound care ward round, nutrition support team, obesity combined clinic, diabetic education, clinical stroke, and smoking cessation clinics.
  4. To provide dietetic services to patients at Hospital Langkawi, Hospital Jitra, Kuala Nerang Hospital and Hospital Yan according to the schedule.
  5. To provide dietetic services to the community in the health celebration days, healthy lifestyle campaigns, as well as giving nutrition talk to public and private institutions on the based on invitation.
  6. To provide training to dietetics students from institutions of higher learning (IPTA).
  7. Involvement in the study and research in the improvement of quality of service.

Food Service

  1. To prepare normal and therapeutic meals to patients in wards Hospital Sultan Bahiyah and HSBII.
  2. To provide food to the on-call doctor and also doctors and paramedics who work continuously in operation theatre accordance with the eligibility.
  3. To supply infant formula for infant on prescription by medical officer.
  4. To supply enteral product to patients on prescription by medical officer or dietitian.
  5. To provide dry rations to the officer on duty during a disaster.
  6. To provide training to trainers and trainees catering dietetics from the universities.
  7. Involvement in the study and research in the improvement of quality of service.


  1. Diet will be prepared based on orders received from the ward in Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 and Children's wards.
  2. We provide a nutritious diet, good quality and in accordance with the patient's disease.
  3. We always ensure that all diets provided are clean, safe and clean.
  4. All meals are prepared and distributed to the wards according to the set time:
           - Breakfast: 7:30 to 8:00 am
           - Lunch: 11:30 to 12:00 pm
           - Afternoon: 2:00 to 2:30 pm
           - Dinner: 5:00 to 5:30 pm
  5. All new inpatients cases referred to the dietitian will be seen within 24 hours in weekdays.
  6. All outpatient cases referred to the dietitian will be seen by appointment.

To achieve the Charter requirements, the ward should: -

  1. Ensure that orders executed are complete within the stipulated time period.
  2. Comply with the timing to collect diet and check the number and type of diet are correct.
  3. Ensure food safety regulations and procedures are followed.


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